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Word-of-mouth for the internet generation


Word of Mouth generates 3 times more sales than paid ads

How it works


Competitions not commissions

Reward influencers who truly earned your products or services. Compensate based on results, not promises. By rewarding the strongest nano influencers with products, you are already attracting the better brand advocates. Unlike larger influencers, you don’t have to worry about monitoring earned influencers to ensure that they are not promoting your product in a potentially deceptive way. The Hollywaad Platform gives you the flexibilty to set the message you want to get out there in a competition format.

Prizes not payment

Compensation doesn’t always need to be in cash. You can offer a free product or services, provide exclusive access to an event or a free night at a hotel, or offer early sneak peeks at new products. In other words, provide them ways to become more widely recognized as a valued consumer.


Fans not Divas

Nano-influencers are not “busy” people with packed schedules. They have time to communicate with their audience and respond to their queries. They have a small number of fans, but most of these people are “super fans”. They are like loyal customers and don’t easily leave their ideals. Nano-influencers are also the new attraction for brands because they are easy to access and much more affordable than macro or celebrity infleuncers.

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