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The Nano Influencer Marketing Platform


Why nano?

Friends not followers

The number of friends a nano influencer has ranges from 100 to 10000. The benefit of having such brand advocates is that their messages are truly heard because their friends care. In a way, a nano influencer is simply communicating, not influencing. This in turn leads to higher engagement rates and more authentic messaging.


Hard, Hard, Hard.

Hard to identify the right influencers.

Hard to attract and engage influencers.

Hard to measure campaign ROI.

Easy, Easy, Easy.

Easy to target Nano Influencers.

Easy to attract and engage Nano Influencers.

Easy to measure campaign ROI.


Our Platform

Ambassadors not mercenaries

Nano influencers are not professionals driven by money but real people who are interested in a given topic who would love to share new trends with their friends. They talk about brands they like to identify with and are eager to create a long-standing relationships with them. Getting rewarded is a plus for them, not the motive.

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